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Post  quantum137 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:08 pm

Hi everyone. For the past 3 weeks for totally unknown reason I have been disconnected an outstanding amount of times. It happens always when the game is loading next hole, my screen ''freezes'' and after 1-2 minutes I get a message ''connection lost''. I didn't have such a problem for a whole year when playing this game. I tried everything I could to prevent it, but apparently I wasn't able. I have reinstalled windows XP, installed drivers and this game... only... and still it's happening. My spec 2,66Ghz Core2duo, 2GB ram, ASUS motherboard, Radeon 1950pro, 10Mbit/s cable broadband. Game settings recently from nearly maxed out, are set to minimum. No trash in internet history, defragmented hard drive before game launches, optimised memory usage, firewall turned off, no downloading in progress when playing, no other programmes running in background, apart from system services which is required for obvious reasons.There is no malware/spyware, viruses etc etc on my drive. During those 3 recent weeks I have had more disconnections than in a full last year. Everything is plugged in correctly, installed correctly [as it always was] on my system. Before I formatted my drive yesterday my system was running all kind of applications including very demanding games [Crisys/Oblivion]well, no problems with internet as well. I just don't know what to do cause my PC seems to be fine, diagnostic programms show no hardware/software issues that need to be taken care of.

I will be playing this game cause I like it a lot but...either this situation changes for better or I will be forced to stop playing it at all :-(((
I am unable to find a solution for those strange disconnections :-(((

Any suggestions really appreciated.Thank you.

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